Planning For Log Cabin, Mobile Home And Camping Pod Holiday Accommodation

Mid West Planning has experience of providing clients with help and advice to achieve success with ‘Change of Use’ planning applications to develop log cabin, camping pod and caravan sites for tourist accommodation.  Current planning policies generally allow for some development in the countryside outside of Greenbelts.  Proposals  that are submitted must be commensurate with their surroundings and be appropriate in scale and size.  Developments should be in keeping with their environment and respect the biodiversity and geodiversity of the site.   Mid West Planning can provide the expertise to guide you through the planning process and achieve a successful planning permission.

Recent Projects

Mid West Planning secured planning permission for Woodlands View Fishery near Droitwich Spa to locate 10 Log Cabins at their fishery.  The planning permission has enabled Woodland View Fishery to expand their business to include visitor accommodation for their anglers.  The business has gone from strength to strength adding a café, angling club, tackle and bait shop and now accommodation.

Mid West Planning’s services for this planning application involved:

  • Site design
  • Compilation of  the Design and Access Statement
  • Landscape Statement
  • Plans and Elevations
  • Water Management Statement
  • Discharge of Planning Conditions

Woodland View Fishery

Woodland View Fishery Website