Farm Diversification

Farm diversification gives landowners the opportunity to maximise the value of their land and associated property as well as boosting farm incomes.  Mid West Planning has experience in providing advice and assistance for all types of rural enterprises wishing to diversify operations and in navigating the planning framework.  Successful planning applications have been achieved for a variety of farm diversification projects, these include:

Log Cabins and Camping Pods for Holiday and Tourist accommodation

Change of use to Commercial use (including those obtained through permitted development rights)

Equine developments

Fisheries – Lakes and holiday accommodation

Camping and Caravan Sites

Mid West Planning has experience of providing clients with help and advice to achieve success with ‘Change of Use’ applications to develop camping and caravan sites.  Current planning policies generally allow for some development in the countryside outside of Greenbelts.  Proposals that are submitted must be commensurate with their surroundings and be appropriate in scale and size.  Developments should be in keeping with their environment and respect the biodiversity and geodiversity of the site.   Mid West Planning can provide the expertise to guide you through the planning process and achieve a successful planning application.

We have recently gained planning permission for a log cabin and camping pod site in rural Herefordshire which will complement existing barn conversion holiday accommodation.  The site is on a working fruit farm in beautiful countryside offering visitors a chance to get away from it all and relax in the green and tranquil countryside of Herefordshire.

 Fishing Lakes

Fishing Lakes can be an economically rewarding farm diversification project.  They can be small scale fishing lakes or larger scale developments that may include a café and shop and also camping facilities.  Fishing lakes can be an acceptable form of development in the countryside, especially if they can be seen to improve the local economy, provide employment and enhance ecological diversity for that area, increasing the range of habitat particularly for amphibians and invertebrates.