Renewable Energy

Mid West Planning is pleased to be playing a part in helping the UK to reach its target of reducing carbon emissions by 20 % of the 1990’s levels under the Kyoto Protocol by 2020.  Much of this can be achieved through more efficient use of energy, and from renewable energy generation.   We have succeeded in obtaining planning consents for both Anaerobic Digestion plants to produce gas to grid energy and Solar Farms to produce electricity for grid entry.

All these projects have been made possible through farmers successfully diversifying the activities on their farms to create new revenue streams.

Planning permission has been obtained in these cases after robust justification, evidence and arguments were presented by Mid West Planning to the planning authorities of Aylesbury Vale, Northamptonshire, Ashfield and Staffordshire District Councils.

Case Study

Grindley Farm AD plant in Staffordshire has been built and developed this year after Mid West Planning secured planning permission from Stafford Borough Council.  The AD Plant successfully pumped its first gas to the national grid in June 2016, the plant will produce gas for 2,500 homes.

The development was made possible after the landowner took the decision to diversify his business by renting some of his land to the developer on a 25 year lease, and will provide opportunities for local farmers to supply the plant with feedstock crops.

Stuart Homewood from the developers, Raw Energy Ltd, said of Mid West Planning:

‘Phil, thank you for you and your teams hard work over the last 18 months. Two consents out of two on large Anaerobic Digesters is a really super outcome, and represents 5,000 homes now using green gas. It’s been a pleasure working with you all throughout. Yours Stuart and all at RAW Energy.

AD Plant under construction in Staffordshire

AD Plant under construction in Staffordshire, the AD plant spilled gas to the national grid in June 2016