Agricultural And Other Rural Workers Dwellings

Generally there is planning resistance to building isolated homes in the countryside.  The exception to this is where it can be proved that there is an essential need for a worker to live in the countryside.  Mid West Planning can guide you through your application for a farm/forestry workers dwelling planning application.  Planning requirements will include a business appraisal to satisfy the planners that there is an essential need for a full time employee to reside at the site, Mid West Planning will help you to provide the information needed to achieve a successful planning application.

Case Study

Mid West Planning achieved planning permission for a client in Shropshire by successfully proving there was an ‘essential need’ for an agricultural worker to live on the farm.  Shropshire County Council agreed with the argument put forward by Mid West Planning that there was an essential long term need for an agricultural worker to reside on site and that the business was financially sound and likely to remain so.  Our client was able to build a beautiful family home in the countryside that allowed him to reside at the farm.

Jones elevationsFarm expansion and land acquisition had allowed our client to make the best use of the land asset by moving operations around the farm and construct more farm buildings.  This expansion had in turn created a need for accommodation away from the main farmhouse, to manage the dairy herd and sheep flock.  Our client had previously obtained permission for a temporary workers dwelling, a log cabin in which he resided until he was able to build the agricultural workers dwelling.  Planners from Shropshire Council were able to see that the case fulfilled the financial requirements set out by government guidance in PPS7 (Sustainable Development in Rural Areas) and give consent for Full Planning Permission for an agricultural workers dwelling.